Published April 2021

Sponsored by IPRO

Executive Summary

As organizations explore new cloud services for productivity and collaboration, mature information governance capabilities do not become less important. Microsoft, IPRO, and various other third-party vendors offer capabilities for governing information, albeit with strengths in different areas. Ensuring the right information governance capabilities are available to the various organizational groups with shared responsibility for this area is essential.

This report compares the approaches to information governance by IPRO and Microsoft (in Microsoft 365). It is offered to enable information governance professionals evaluating the move to Microsoft 365 to gauge suitability to task of the information governance tools offered by both vendors.

This white paper is intended for IT professionals, cybersecurity teams, compliance and risk professionals, and legal teams—including CISOs, CIOs, general counsel and others who need to gain a better understanding of information governance, particularly in the context of how they will handle information governance in Microsoft 365 environments (whether as the sole approach or as part of a hybrid IT infrastructure where Microsoft 365 is but one part of the overall technology stack).

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