Published July 2021

Sponsored by Acronis

Executive Summary

Even a casual reading of the daily news is replete with stories of cyberattacks against organizations across healthcare, government, education, and critical infrastructure (e.g., Colonial Pipeline). Many of these attacks leverage email as the initial attack vector. Organizations are struggling with how to best protect themselves, and few have the internal IT security assets and cybersecurity talent to do it alone. In parallel, managed service providers (MSPs), security value-added resellers (VARs), and cloud distributors are looking for new value-added services from trusted partners to take to market. The juxtaposition highlights the opportunity for safeguarding email from current and evolving threats.

This white paper is written to help MSPs, security VARs, and cloud distributors (hereafter “MSPs” to refer to all three) understand the current cyberthreat landscape and the opportunity for advanced email security solutions that safeguard their customers while offering an additional stream of recurring revenue.