Commissioned by Egress

Published July 2022

Executive Summary

This buyer’s guide will help IT and security professionals research, evaluate, and choose an email security solution that can augment and fill the gaps left by secure email gateways and the native security provided by cloud email platforms.

The guide’s five sections explore the concept of human activated risk and how new email security solutions in the market can mitigate both inbound and outbound threats that evade existing controls such as Microsoft 365 and SEGs.

What you’ll learn:

  • The three types of human activated risk and their outcomes
  • Why existing controls are ineffective at reducing human activated risk
  • The characteristics of technology needed to offer inbound and outbound protection
  • Deployment options for organizations with Microsoft 365, a SEG, or both
  • Key questions to ask vendors when evaluating email security solutions

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Watch the webinar: Email security solutions to reduce human activated risk (July 28)