Commissioned by Radware

Published September 2022

Executive Summary

Organizations are no longer moving to the cloud; they are already there. The research shows that only a negligible percentage of organizations, less than 0.5%, do not deploy applications in the public cloud at all. However, organizations are increasingly shifting into the next iteration of the cloud movement: the multi-cloud. The research shows that 95% of the organizations use at least two types of infrastructure, and nearly half of the organizations deploy applications on four or more different platforms. As a result, deploying applications across multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments has become the new normal.

The growing number and diversity of environments for hosting applications raises the bar on what is required from security tools, with consistency in security policy and cross-environment visibility key requirements. Many organizations are struggling to achieve high-quality protection and centralized, cross-cloud visibility, and 69% of organizations can trace data breaches or data exposures to inconsistent application security configurations across the different public cloud platforms that they currently use. The trust in native public cloud security capabilities is declining, and more than half of the organizations cannot trust their security staff to configure and maintain a strong application security posture, across the public cloud platforms that they currently use for hosting applications.