Commissioned by Perception Point

Published November 2022

Executive Summary

The past few years have necessitated the rapid adoption of new workplace technologies, like cloud collaboration apps and services alongside email. 

This shift has benefited employee productivity and external collaboration as organizations across the world embrace new work patterns. 

However, threat actors have also caught on to this growing trend, extending their attack techniques to these new apps and services, and consequently continuing to threaten employees accessing web-based applications and email.

In this report, we present new findings that explore the changing threat landscape for email, web, and cloud apps, and what organizations must do to bolster security protections for these channels. 

Read this report to learn more about:

  • Organizations adopting new channels alongside email
  • Threat actors have been quick to attack these new channels
  • Security incidents lead to costly and time-consuming incident response
  • Threats are expected to increase in frequency and sophistication
  • All organizations are deploying new solutions to mitigate changing threats