Commissioned by Scale VP

Published July 2023

Executive Summary

CISOs, security analysts, and their teams have been navigating rising security incidents, talent shortages, and the increasing sophistication of attacks over the last several years.

Meanwhile, geopolitical tensions are high, with a weakening social fabric, disinformation, and economic anxiety. All of these factors translate into heightened on-the-ground pressures.

To help CISOs strengthen their footing, Scale Venture Partners conducts ongoing research to understand the challenges CISOs are facing and how solutions are evolving. Now in its 10th year, this year’s report consolidates perspectives from CISOs, CIOs, VPs, directors, and IT managers.

Our research found that cybersecurity protections that were effective against cyber threats in 2022 have lost efficacy due to new attack mechanisms.

Scale Venture Partners commissioned Everclear Marketing and Osterman Research to conduct a survey of 300 security leaders in the United States who are responsible for buying decisions, the success of security deployments, or the overall security of the company.

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