Commissioned by Silverfort

Published September 2023

Executive Summary

This white paper discloses a critical gap in organizations’ ability to protect themselves against identity threats—with 83% already having experienced a breach involving compromised credentials. Account takeover, lateral movement, and ransomware spread are a prominent cyber risk. To gain resiliency against these attacks, organizations strive to have the ability to prevent—in real time—malicious access with compromised credentials to their resources. The common practice today is to lean on solutions such as MFA and PAM, as well as manual monitoring of service accounts, to get this protection. However, surveys of identity security teams reveal that in most cases, these solutions fail to deliver the required level of protection. This failure manifests in the vast majority of organizations experiencing an identity-related data breach, as well as a shared notion among identity teams that they don’t have the ability to thwart such attacks in the future.