Cyber Workforce Resilience Trends Report (commissioned by Immersive Labs)

Organizations must urgently embrace a new approach to building cyber resilience, including implementing more effective ways to develop and prove cyber capabilities across teams, measure improvement, and cultivate a workforce with the expertise to handle the real-world impact of a cyber incident. Published May 2023. More

Privacy Compliance in North America: Status and Progress in 2023 (May 2023)

Research into how organizations in North America are preparing for and responding to a new wave of privacy regulations, including preparedness for meeting current privacy requirements. Sponsored by Obsidian Security, OpenText Cybersecurity, and SonicWall. More

Defending the Enterprise: The Latest Trends and Tactics in BEC Attacks (commissioned by IRONSCALES)

Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams are expected to explode in volume and profitability as attacks bypass traditional safeguards. Research on trends and tactics in BEC attacks, including variants, target victims, and precursor channels. Published March 2023. More

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