Comparing Micro Focus Enterprise Messaging, Microsoft 365, Exchange, and Google Workplace – White Paper

A comparison of four messaging systems designed for the enterprise: Micro Focus Enterprise Messaging, Microsoft Exchange 2019 on-premises, Office 365, and Google Workplace. Sponsored by Micro Focus. More

What Decision Makers Can Do About Data Protection – White Paper

Protecting data to ensure appropriate usage and avoid unauthorized or inappropriate usage is a major task for decision-makers with responsibility for the integrity of corporate data assets. Sponsored by BlackFog, Micro Focus – Voltage, Progress Software, and VMware Carbon Black. More

Why You Must Archive All of Your Business Records – White Paper

Organizations generate large volumes of electronic data, most of it unstructured. Content-generating sources include email, text messaging, telephony, collaboration systems like Microsoft Teams and Zoom, desktop productivity applications, CRM systems, social media and a wide range of other tools and capabilities. Organizations should deploy an archiving solution to capture and protect business records. Sponsored by Veritas and Zix. More

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