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Latest Publications

How to Minimize the Impact of the Cybersecurity Skills Shortage – White Paper
Examining the cybersecurity skills shortage across the world, and advocacy for the use of advanced security services and technologies that more effectively leverage the time of current professionals. Sponsored by Anomali, SlashNext, Trustwave and VMware Carbon Black.
Better Ways to Deal with New Security Threats – White Paper
Exploring the dynamics of the new threat landscape, and highlighting new security solutions and practices that go beyond the capabilities of conventional solutions. Sponsored by Anomali, BIO-Key International, MDaemon Technologies, Virsec and VMware Carbon Black.
A Buyer’s Guide to Actionable Threat Intelligence – White Paper
Threat intelligence can help to enable security analysts, threat researchers and others to deal more effectively with cyber criminals by providing the information to better understand current and past attacks, and it can give them the ability to predict and thwart future attacks. Sponsored by Cyren.
Security Awareness Training as a Key Element in Changing the Security Culture – White Paper and Survey Report
Cybersecurity technology can only go so far in protecting an organization. Good security awareness training is essential in protecting the organization from security threats and the damage they can cause. Sponsored by Infosec, KnowBe4, MediaPRO and Mimecast.
Improving Performance and Driving Down the Cost of Microsoft 365 – White Paper
Microsoft 365 delivers a range of long-offered and new style productivity and collaboration tools. Equally, however, is the reality that Microsoft 365 comes with some shortcomings in the areas of security, archiving, backup, data protection, eDiscovery, and other key aspects of the offering. Relying solely on the native capabilities in Microsoft 365 can lead to challenges. Sponsored by Backupify, Mimecast, Quest Software and Yubico.
What Decision-Makers Can Do About Data Protection – White Paper
Protecting data to ensure appropriate usage and avoid unauthorized or inappropriate usage is a major task for decision makers with responsibility for protecting the integrity of corporate data assets. Sponsored by Micro Focus – Voltage and VMware Carbon Black.
The Security Implications of the Internet of Things With Robert Fleming of Blacksquare Technologies – Podcast
A discussion with Robert Fleming of Blacksquare Technologies exploring issues to consider in the context of securing work-from-home and in-office environments from IoT security threats.