Does a Microsoft-Only Approach Make Sense? – White Paper

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This report compares and contrasts the respective approaches to information governance and eDiscovery by IPRO and Microsoft 365. Sponsored by IPRO. More

How to Reduce the Risk of Phishing and Ransomware – White Paper

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Cybersecurity challenges abound for organizations across the world, with phishing and ransomware critical threats to neutralise. An investigation into how to reduce the reduce the risks of both. Sponsored by KnowBe4, Octree Limited, SlashNext, Spamhaus Technology, and Trend Micro. More

Cybersecurity in Education – White Paper

Picture of a university classroom with tiered seating

The education sector faces a growing complex of cybersecurity threats. The industry has been under high attack for several years already, with phishing, ransomware and denial-of-service attacks growing in frequency and ferocity. Sponsored by BIO-key International, KnowBe4, Mimecast, and Yubico. More

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