Osterman Research is a market research and consulting firm delivering insight on cybersecurity, data protection and information governance.

We provide timely and accurate market research, cost data, and benchmarking information to technology vendors. We continually gather information from security and IT decision-makers and professionals. We report and analyze this information to help technology vendors develop and improve the products and services they offer to these markets or for internal use in planning future product and service iterations.

We offer two main research services to technology vendors: commissioned research and participation in programs from our Research Agenda.

Commissioned research programs

Technology vendors frequently want to understand what their target market is seeking from cybersecurity, data protection, and information governance products and services. In addition, they often want to educate the market and demonstrate thought leadership in the form of annual “State of the Market” reports, buyer’s guides, and trend reports. Vendors commission Osterman Research to conduct this research on their behalf – since market research is our core competency.

Commissioned research programs are usually designed around a custom survey on cybersecurity, data protection, and information governance issues. We survey security decision-makers (e.g., CISOs and security VPs and directors), IT decision-makers (e.g., CIOs, CTOs, IT managers), and cybersecurity and IT professionals. Risk and compliance decision-makers and professionals are also in our survey wheelhouse. The core of our survey research capability is our survey panel, a well-qualified group of security and IT decision-makers and professionals that have provided information to us about their IT infrastructure and corporate profile. We are continually developing our panel into one of the leading sources of information for companies that offer products and services in the IT space. Our clients benefit from our panel because they gain access to the pulse of the IT industry; our survey panel benefits because they help shape the industry and improve the products and services they may eventually purchase.

Commissioned research programs generally result in a research report that includes the results of the research and our analysis of it. Webinars, podcasts, a lead generation program, in-person presentations, and blog posts are also common deliverables.

Participation in programs from our Research Agenda

Osterman Research maintains an active agenda of research programs on current and emerging issues across cybersecurity, data protection, and information governance. We publish up to ten research reports each year on relevant topics. We invite technology vendors to participate in these research programs via sponsorship. These programs generally include a market survey conducted for the research, a white paper, a lead generation program, and participation by an Osterman Research analyst in a webinar or podcast produced for each sponsor.

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