Sponsored by: Cyren

The Microsoft 365 platform currently blocks over 5 billion phishing messages a year. But as mass and targeted phishing attacks increase in volume, speed and evasiveness, is additional protection needed to secure Microsoft 365 email for your organization? 

To answer this question, Osterman Research’s principal analyst will share insights from a recent study of Microsoft 365 deployments, and Cyren’s global director of solution engineering will walk through the phishing kill chain and point to practical opportunities to enhance defences.

This webinar provides IT and security professionals the opportunity to understand phishing security issues for Microsoft 365 deployments. Takeaways will include:

  • What is the current experience of Microsoft 365 deployments in terms of phishing security?
  • What are typical limitations for Microsoft 365 deployments in dealing with today’s phishing threat landscape?
  • Considering how phishing attacks work, what countermeasures are available at each stage?
  • What are 10 steps organizations using Microsoft 365 can take to stop phishing attacks?

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