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“File governance” is a big term, but everyone knows that a comprehensive file governance strategy helps world-class organizations protect their files from data breaches and other security threats. The business value in such a strategy is easy to see in the age of file leaks, governmental privacy regulation, and legal compliance, but IT professionals and privacy officers alike often struggle to find the right ways to implement a comprehensive strategy for File Governance in such a complex environment. 

So, how do successful groups create policies, processes and technologies that ensure that files are properly managed according to corporate, regulatory and legal requirements? Join Michael Osterman, President and Lead Analyst at Osterman Research, as he shares the keys to implementing a winning File Governance strategy in a rapidly evolving technology landscape.

You’ll learn:

  • What are the most important drivers for good file governance (and what isn’t)
  • The important mindset change that leads to better governance
  • Why automation is so powerful, and where it makes sense
  • When and where to implement strategic deletion initiatives
  • … and more!

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