Sponsored by: Skybox Security

Organizations worldwide are on a journey of automating security processes, but questions remain.  

Seems like these days everyone in security is talking about automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). However, what are organizations actually doing? What percentage of core security processes are fully or partially automated? And, where do security leaders see the greatest business impact? 

Join Michael D. Osterman, principal analyst of Osterman Research, as he explores the findings of a new global survey sponsored by Skybox Security on automation in cybersecurity. And, learn from Skybox what the foundation of any automation program should be. 

  • What are the key business drivers of automation in security? 
  • Where are the challenges and problems security leaders are trying to solve?
  • Where are security teams automating most and what is the business impact?
  • How is migration to the cloud affecting automation of security policy?
  • How many are actually using AI? 
  • How can this data help you in your journey toward automation?

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