Migrating an organization’s email and/or archiving systems to Office 365, Exchange Online, Google G Suite or some other email, collaboration or archiving platform is not an easy thing to accomplish. There are a number of critical decisions to make in advance of migrating to a new platform, and the migration process itself requires careful planning and execution over an extended period in order to avoid data corruption, lost chain-of-custody for sensitive data, and ensuring a minimal impact on employee productivity. There is a sequence of activities that must be scoped, agreed upon, and carried out properly in order for the migration to be successful. Aligned with the activities in the migration process are a range of third-party products and services that can simplify and streamline the migration process, improving the end result, while decreasing the risk of human error during the process.


This survey report presents the results of a primary market research survey conducted with members of the Osterman Research survey panel and others during October 2019.