Sponsored by: Proofpoint

Today’s most popular security tools focus on protecting the perimeter—they manage endpoints and patch system vulnerabilities. But cybercriminals are no longer targeting infrastructure – they are targeting humans. It’s the distracted user who clicks on an email attachment, or the eager customer who fills in credentials in a pixel-perfect phishing page who is vulnerable. It’s becoming more and more evident that employees and regulated users need to be at the center of your strategy when building a robust cybersecurity approach in the era of highly sophisticated attacks. So how is that achieved?

Join Proofpoint for a joint presentation with Osterman Research as we deep dive into some of the biggest challenges CISOs face, and why developing a people-centric strategy to security is the most effective way to protect your most valuable assets: your data and your people.

In this session, we’ll share:

  • Latest research findings on new methods for solving security attacks such as phishing and business email compromise
  • Why cybersecurity transformation is critical for protecting your people against today’s threat actors
  • What it means and looks like to have an effective people-centric approach

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