Sponsored by: Gigamon

Modern networks are complex, sprawling… and growing. They include a mixture of legacy on-premises network solutions like routers and switches; security solutions like SIEMs, firewalls and EDRs; and a growing set of cloud services that enable applications, security capabilities and storage of sensitive network data assets. These networks must work in concert, have extraordinarily high availability, provide very high performance, and enable users to do their job efficiently and effectively.

Even though we are in the midst of a pandemic situation in which most employees are now suddenly working from home, none of that changes. In fact, things have gotten worse: bad actors are now trying even harder to infiltrate your network and steal your data. Changes are being made so quickly that things can easily break. Regulators still require you to protect sensitive data like PII and PHI. Your IT and security functions must still provide 24/7 secure access to critical business data so that employees can remain productive.

Join us for this replay of a live webinar held on May 12, 2020 where we talked about the critical issues network managers need to address to gain visibility into their network operations in order to optimize and secure their network traffic. We focused on how you address drastic changes to network usage and adapt as quickly as possible, without running into a brick wall.

During this webinar, speakers Michael Osterman, Principal Analyst of Osterman Research and Bassam Khan, Gigamon’s VP of Product and Technical Marketing, shared their insights, discussed brand new Osterman Research data on how organizations are adapting to the new work-from-home phenomenon, addressed questions, and provided practical, real-world solutions you can put into practice today.