Published October 2020

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Executive Summary

In the face of a relentless increase in the number and sophistication of cyber-attacks, organizations need to strengthen their security defenses, improve their overall readiness to ward off new and emerging attacks, and have the ability to recover (and learn) from attacks and incidents that get through current protections. Cybersecurity professionals are essential to the defense of organizations, but the bad news is that skilled professionals are in short supply. Nearly three out of five of the cybersecurity professionals we surveyed for this white paper consider the shortage to be either “serious” or “very bad”.

Organizations across the world have unfilled cybersecurity vacancies, and the cybersecurity professionals already on staff are pushed to their limits. Something must change to address the staff shortages that are limiting organizations’ ability to erect and maintain strong defenses. In this paper, we examine the cybersecurity skills shortage and advocate the use of advanced security services and technologies that more effectively leverage the time of current professionals.

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