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Presented on May 24, 2022

Organizations have proven to be more adept when protecting their confidential data than their customer’s personal and sensitive data. With information available on 15 billion individuals, from more than 100,000 data breaches, there is a bounty of data available to fuel identity theft, financial fraud and other malicious threats. 

Privacy regulations are a panacea on the horizon, but they haven’t been rolled out universally. For these privacy regimes to be effective regulators and governments need to force organizations to pay more attention to consumer data that is collected, processed, retained, stored and shared.

With the emergence of new privacy regulations — like California’s CPRA — it’s important to understand how organizations are responding.

Tune in as Gimmal’s Dean Gonsowski interviews Michael Sampson, senior research analyst from Osterman Research, who completed a recent white paper on organizational privacy compliance.

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