Hosted by CyberRes Voltage

Presented on June 21, 2022

Organizations have proven more adept in protecting their own confidential and sensitive data than the personal and sensitive data of customers and employees. Privacy regulations have become a key tool for regulators and governments to force organizations to pay more attention to the data collected, processed, stored, and shared on individuals—much of it gained through new ubiquitous digital channels.

This webinar highlights the research findings and analytical insights of CyberRes Voltage and Osterman Research’s white paper, Privacy Compliance in the Unites States: Status and Progress in 2022 including:

  • What is the current snapshot of privacy compliance?
  • Why is privacy compliance important?
  • What are the motivators today in the US?
  • Are you ready for the next wave of compliance regulations?
  • Understand the types of threats posed by employees.

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