Hosted by Micro Focus

Will be presented on August 25, 2022

There’s no universal approach to information governance. Strategies are diverse and, because they dictate your information governance policies and procedures, getting it right matters. One popular option is a Microsoft-based setup. But how effective is that?

This webinar can help!

Michael Sampson of Osterman Research and Laurence O’Brien from Micro Focus lead a discussion around the pros and cons of using Microsoft 365 to manage your information governance. Among other topics, we’ll cover:

  • Correctly classifying every information type in an organization’s data landscape
  • Discerning the data requiring special protections from more expendable files
  • Deciding how to store and otherwise manage data from the point of creation
  • Ensuring only those authorized can access different groupings of data
  • Using automated mechanisms to audit access and mitigate over-exposure
  • Providing the ability to audit communication for compliance
  • Filtering repositories to identify data potentially responsive to eDiscovery requests
  • Excluding irrelevant data before creating a collection for external review

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