Presented on July 6, 2023

We met with Audian Paxson, Director of Technical Product Marketing at IRONSCALES, for a chat on the recently released Data Breach Investigations Report by Verizon. The “webinar” was supposed to be an “informal chat” on the main ideas of interest in the report, but after preparing for it, we ended up with over 30 slides and far too much content to fit into the original 25 minute timeframe.

Topics discussed:

  • Verizon’s DBIR is a “pot of coffee and sit down to read” not a “quick skim.”
  • What the report says about phishing, pretexting, and business email compromise, and what it needs to say better..
  • Ransomware.
  • Email is a risky place (and the reasons why).
  • The prevalence of credential compromise / use of stolen credentials.
  • … and a variety of other things, too.