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Michael Sampson, Senior Analyst

Michael is the Senior Analyst at Osterman Research, with broad interests in cybersecurity, data protection and information governance. Michael prepares survey reports and white papers for new projects, coordinating their completion through to publication.

Michael is the author of seven books on collaboration and user adoption, including Re-Imagining Productive Work with Office 365, User Adoption Strategies (2nd Edition), and Collaboration Roadmap.

Michael holds a Master of Commerce with first-class honours in telecommunications-based IT from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. Several times a week you will find Michael putting in lengths at the local swimming pool–it’s a great place to think.

Michael works from the New Zealand office of Osterman Research.

Recent Research Agenda Reports

Michael was the lead analyst on the following projects from Osterman’s Research Agenda:

Recent Commissioned Research Reports

Michael was the lead analyst on the following commissioned research projects:

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