Does a Microsoft-Only Approach Make Sense? – White Paper

This report compares and contrasts the respective approaches to information governance and eDiscovery by IPRO and Microsoft 365. It is offered to enable professionals with responsibility for information governance evaluating the move to Microsoft 365 to gauge suitability to task of the information governance and eDiscovery tools offered by both vendors. Sponsored by IPRO.

Cybersecurity in Education – White Paper

The education sector faces a growing complex of cybersecurity threats. The industry has been under high attack for several years already, with phishing, ransomware and denial-of-service attacks growing in frequency and ferocity. Sponsored by BIO-key International, KnowBe4, Mimecast, and Yubico.

Improving Performance and Driving Down the Cost of Microsoft 365 – White Paper

Microsoft 365 delivers a range of long-offered and new style productivity and collaboration tools. Equally, however, is the reality that Microsoft 365 comes with some shortcomings in the areas of security, archiving, backup, data protection, eDiscovery, and other key aspects of the offering. Relying solely on the native capabilities in Microsoft 365 can lead to challenges. Sponsored by Backupify, Mimecast, Quest Software and Yubico.