Here’s our white papers from 2002 to 2014. If you’d like a copy, please get in touch.

December 2014Evolving Toward the Next Phase of Email (updated)IBM
October 2014Improving the Security and Control of Your File Sync and Share CapabilitiesIntermedia
September 2014Best Practices for File SharingCitrix, Cleo and ownCloud
August 2014Email Encryption is an Essential Best PracticeZix
August 2014Managing Content in Enterprise Social NetworksSmarsh
July 2014Using Email, File, Social Media and Mobile Archiving to Grow Your BusinessActiance, Authority3, GWAVA, and Zovy
July 2014Why You Need to Protect Your Customers’ Online Experience in Real-TimeRiskIQ
June 2014Evolving Toward the Next Phase of EmailIBM 
June 2014Best Practices for Managing Archive MigrationsArchive360, GWAVA, OpenText, QUADROTech, Smarsh and TransVault
April 2014Addressing Information Governance ChallengesHP Autonomy
April 2014How Online Identity Fraud Harms Businesses and What You Can Do About ItE-HAWK
April 2014Improving the Compliance Management ProcessKnowBe4
March 2014The Growing Need for Mobile Device ArchivingGWAVA, MobileGuard and Smarsh
March 2014Best Practices for Social Media Management and ArchivingGWAVA, Proofpoint and Smarsh
March 2014Microsoft Office 365 for the Enterprise: How to Strengthen Security, Compliance and ControlMcAfee, Mimecast, Sonian and TrustSphere
February 2014Developing an Information Governance StrategyActiance, ownCloud, StorageMadeEasy and Zovy
February 2014PST Management: The Eliminate or Migrate ImperativeQUADROTech
February 2014Email Archive Migration: Opportunities and RisksQUADROTech
February 2014Best Practices in Email, Web and Social Media SecuritySpamTitan and Trustwave 
February 2014Portal Authentication: A Balancing Act Between Security, Usability and CompliancePortalGuard
January 2014The Critical Need for Messaging IntelligenceTrustSphere
December 2013The Need for Enterprise-Grade File TransferAttachmate
November 2013The Case For Third-Party Archiving in Microsoft Exchange EnvironmentsGWAVA, Messaging Architects, Smarsh and Symantec
October 2013The Importance of Continuity in Office 365 EnvironmentsMimecast
October 2013Managing Growth and Driving Down Costs for Microsoft SharePointAccellion, MessageSolution and Metalogix
October 2013Why eDiscovery Should be a Top Priority for Your OrganizationHP Autonomy, Proofpoint and Smarsh
The Importance of File ArchivingHP Autonomy, Mimecast and Symantec
July 2013Best Practices for Managing Email ArchivingGWAVA
July 2013Why You Should Encrypt Email and What Happens if You Don’t?Symantec
July 2013Things to Look for in a Cloud Encryption SolutionOsterman Research
July 2013Practical Methods for Improving AuthenticationSecureKey and VASCO
July 2013The Need for Third-Party Security, Compliance and Other Capabilities in Microsoft Office 365Erado, McAfee, Messaging Architects, Metalogix and Symantec
June 2013File Synchronization and Sharing Market Forecast, 2012-1017Osterman Research
May 2013Best Practices for Managing Information ArchivesAkaibu
May 2013Key Issues in European eDiscoveryImation
May 2013The Importance of Robust Email Security in the Financial Services IndustryEdgewave
May 2013Enterprise Requirements for Secure Exchange of Corporate FilesProofpoint
May 2013The Cost and ROI Advantages of IronKey Workspace W300 for Windows to GoImation
May 2013The Case for Hosted ExchangeRackspace Hosting
April 2013Managing BYOD in Corporate EnvironmentsActiance, Armor5, BlackBerry, Box, Colligo, GWAVA and Smarsh
February 2013Best Practices for Messaging, Collaboration, Security, Archiving and Encryption in the CloudDell, GWAVA, Sendmail and Smarsh
January 2013The Need for IT to Get in Front of the BYOD ProblemDell
December 2012File Archiving: The Next Big Thing or Just Big?Autonomy, EMC, OpenText, Proofpoint and Smarsh
November 2012Achieving Rapid Payback With Mobile Device ManagementOsterman Research
November 2012Assessing the Benefits of Cloud Computing for Small Businesses in AfricaMynextMail
October 2012Why Securing Communications and Content is a Critical Best PracticeCoolrock Software, DataMotion and Proofpoint
October 2012Improving SharePoint Use and GovernanceAzaleos and Symantec
September 2012Key Issues in eDiscoveryAutonomy, C2C, Globanet, GWAVA and Imation
July 2012Secure, Reliable and Compliant: How the Cloud Can Make Archiving Profitable for the ChannelSonian
July 2012How the Cloud Can Make Government Archiving More Secure and Less ExpensiveSonian
July 2012The Need for Enterprise-Grade File Sharing and SynchronizationAccellion, Email2 and YouSendIt
June 2012A Better Method of AuthenticationConfident Technologies
June 2012Mobile Devices in the Enterprise: MDM Usage and Adoption TrendsAzaleos
June 2012Putting IT Back in Control of BYODAccellion, Colligo Networks, Edgewave, HyperOffice, McAfee and YouSendIt
May 2012What is the Total Value of a Hosted PBX?Intermedia
May 2012Why Third-Party Archiving is Still Necessary in Exchange 2010EMC, Mimecast and Symantec
April 2012Why All Organizations Need to Manage and Archive Social MediaActiance, Erado, GWAVA, Smarsh and Socialtext
April 2012Taking a Strategic Approach to Unified Communications: Best-of-Breed vs. Single Vendor SolutionsEsnatech
March 2012Cloud vs. Cloud: Comparing the TCO of Office 365 and Private CloudsAzaleos
February 2012Important Issues for Government Agencies to Consider When Using Social Media and Unified CommunicationsActiance
February 2012Making File Transfer Easier, Compliant and More SecureAccellion, Inc, Attachmate, FileCatalyst and Ipswitch File Transfer
January 2012Why Basic Email Discovery Capabilities are Important For Your BusinessQuest Software
January 2012Why You Need to Consider Cloud-Based Security in 2012AppRiver, GWAVA, Proofpoint and WebTitan
December 2011The Policy Survey Project: Fall 2011Dell, Messaging Architects and Contoural
December 2011Making Office 365 More Secure and CompliantAppRiver, LiveOffice, Proofpoint and Smarsh
December 2011Spam Morphs From a Nuisance to a ThreatAbaca
December 2011Social Media Issues for IIROC-Regulated FirmsActiance
November 2011Information Security Best Practices: Why Classification is KeyTITUS
October 2011Quantifying the Costs and Benefits of Archiving Your Email and Other Electronic ContentArcMail, Daegis/AXS-One, Mimecast, Reed Technology and Smarsh
September 2011How Business Users Can Address the Challenge of Sharing Content Securely, Safely and ReliablyYouSendIt
September 2011How SMBs Can Unleash the Power of the CloudIntermedia
September 2011Understanding the Benefits of Online Backup and Data SynchronizationBackblaze, Rackspace and Trend Micro
August 2011The Risks of Social Media and What Can be Done to Manage ThemCommVault and McAfee
August 2011Communication, Collaboration and Content Management Best Practices for Small BusinessesCleartext, McAfee and Safend
July 2011How to Quantify the Costs and Benefits of Web SecurityEdgeWave and McAfee
June 2011The Global Malware Problem: Complacency Can Be CostlyM86 Security
June 2011Pain Free Unified Communications and CollaborationIceWarp
May 2011Archiving Requirements and Considerations for Government AgenciesSmarsh
May 2011Key Issues to Consider in Mobile Device ManagementNotify and Smarsh
April 2011Key E-Discovery Issues to Consider in 2011Dell, EMC, Metalogix, Mimecast and
April 2011Why the Cloud is Not Killing Off the On-Premises Email MarketAlt-N Technologies and Sendmail
March 2011Messaging and Web Security Best Practices for 2011 and BeyondEdgewave, GFI, SpamTitan, and Websense
February 2011Why Your Organization Needs to Implement DLPSafend
February 2011Why You Need to Eliminate False Positives in Your Email SystemTrustSphere
January 2011The Impact of New Communications for Firms in the Energy IndustryActiance
December 2010Messaging Best Practices for 2011DataMotion, FaceTime and Global Relay
December 2010The Importance of Email ContinuityGoogle, LiveOffice, Neverfail and Quest Software
December 2010The Growing Challenges of Compliance in a Mobile WorldTextGuard
December 2010The Cost Benefits of the Cloud are More About Real Estate Than ITOsterman Research
November 2010The Case for Social Media Management and ArchivingFaceTime and Smarsh
November 2010Web Archiving: The Next Phase in the Evolution of ArchivingReed Tech Web Archiving Services, a member of the LexisNexis Group
November 2010Best Practices for Managing Financial Services ComplianceSymantec Hosted Services
November 2010Moving Your Email Security to the CloudZEROSPAM
October 2010What Are Your Obligations to Retain Email and Other Electronic Content?Astaro, C2C, The Linux Box and Proofpoint
October 2010Why Email Archiving is a Critical Best PracticeSonasoft
September 2010The Role of Third-Party Archiving in Exchange 2010Iron Mountain
September 2010Overcoming Key File Transfer ProblemsIpswitch File Transfer
September 2010Why You Need a Better Way to Manage Email AttachmentsYouSendIt
September 2010The Threat Landscape: How You Can Protect Your OrganizationMcAfee
August 2010Educating Decision Makers About the Need for EncryptionDataMotion, Smarsh and ZixCorp
August 2010Taking a New Look at SharePoint: Collaboration Benefits and IT GotchasAzaleos
July 2010Why You Need to Focus on Social Networking in Your CompanyFaceTime and Smarsh
June 2010Why Your Organization Needs to Implement DLPBlue Coat Systems
May 2010The Role of Email Archiving in the SMB MarketJatheon
May 2010Convincing Decision Makers of the Critical Need for ArchivingGoogle, Iron Mountain Mimosa Systems and Mimecast
May 2010The Need to Archive Social Networking ContentLiveOffice
April 2010Why Now is the Time to Consider an Alternative Email SystemIpswitch and Mirapoint
April 2010The Case for Outbound Content ManagementCertiVox, GWAVA, Messaging Architects, Safend, Sendmail, Symantec Hosted Services, Titus Labs, YouSendIt and ZixCorp
February 2010Why Hosted Security Makes Sense for Your CompanyWebroot Software
February 2010The Critical Need to Secure the Web in Your CompanyBlue Coat, FaceTime Communications, St. Bernard Software, Trend Micro and Webroot Software
January 2010The Concise Guide to E-DiscoveryGoogle, Guidance Software, Mimosa Systems, Recommind, Sherpa Software and Smarsh
January 2010The Importance of Mobile Messaging ComplianceTextGuard
November 2009Why You Should Consider Migrating to Hosted Exchange 2010Intermedia
November 2009The Case for Hosted Exchange123Together, Electric Mail and Rackspace Hosting
November 2009The Case for Third-Party Archiving in Microsoft Exchange Server 2010Estorian, Google, LiveOffice, Quest Software and Sunbelt Software
September 2009The Impact of New Communication Tools for Financial Services FirmsFaceTime
September 2009Key Issues in Improving Your Messaging CapabilitiesColdSpark
August 2009Portal Authentication: A Balancing Act Between Security, Usability and CompliancePistolStar
August 2009A Guide to Managing Documents in Today’s Law FirmsWorkshare
August 2009A Guide to Document Comparison and Security for Corporate LegalWorkshare
August 2009The Case for Lotus FoundationsIBM
August 2009Authentication in the Enterprise: Current and Changing RequirementsPistolStar
August 2009The Strategic Advantage of Cloud-Based Email and BlackBerry ServicesUSA.NET
July 2009The Critical Need for Encrypted Email and File Transfer SolutionsDataMotion, Echoworx, Electric Mail, PGP Corporation, Proofpoint, Smarsh and Webroot Software
June 2009Why You Should Consider an Alternative Email PlatformGecad Technologies
May 2009Comparing the Cost of Email SystemsNovell
May 2009The ROI Case for Alternative Messaging SystemsIpswitch
May 2009Choosing the Right Archiving SolutionC2C, HP, Ipswitch, Mirapoint and Quest Software
May 2009Key Issues in Selecting an Email Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity SolutionAzaleos and Neverfail
April 2009Reducing Messaging & Web Security Costs With Managed ServicesMX Logic
April 2009The Growing Importance of Microsoft SharePointAzaleos
March 2009Why You Need to Focus on Modernizing Your Email InfrastructureSendmail
March 2009IT Best Practices: To Support or Not Support Consumer-Owned SmartphonesZenprise
February 2009Using SaaS to Reduce the Costs of Email SecurityProofpoint
January 2009Why You Need an Intelligent File Transfer SolutionBiscom
January 2009The Need for SharePoint SecurityTrend Micro
January 2009Comparing Leading Email and SharePoint Security SolutionsTrend Micro
January 2009An Analysis of Sendio’s Anti-Spam OfferingSendio
January 2009Results of an Osterman Research Survey on Web SecurityPurewire
January 2009Instant Access to Information: The Return-on-Investment Case for Information ManagementDonnell Systems
December 2008Why You Should Consider Deploying Software AppliancesTrend Micro
December 2008Recession Proof Your Business Email Through OutsourcingUSA.NET
November 2008The Need to Unify Your Business InformationPointCross
October 2008Why Archiving is So Important in GroupWise EnvironmentsGWAVA and MessageSolution
October 2008Why Your Organization Should Consider Hosted ApplicationsGoogle 
October 2008Why Your Organization Needs to Implement DLPBlue Coat Systems, Code Green Networks, Smarsh and Trend Micro
October 2008Why Reducing File Size Should Be a Top Priority in Your OrganizationNXPowerLite 
September 2008A Review of MessageSolution Enterprise Email Archive and Enterprise File ArchiveMessageSolution 
September 2008Why You Need to Consider VirtualizationTrend Micro 
July 2008Why You Should Implement Messaging ArchivingPlasmon
July 2008 Focusing on Value-Added Services in a Hosted Messaging
July 2008 Should You Install Messaging Security Software on Your Exchange Server?Sunbelt Software 
June 2008The Growing Importance of E-Discovery on Your BusinessBarracuda Networks, C2C, CommVault, Global Relay, Google, GWAVA, Recommind, Smarsh and Trend Micro 
June 2008Reducing the Cost of MessagingMailtrust
June 2008IT Infrastructure Management: How to Tame the BeastDorado Software 
April 2008The Advantages of a Hosted Security ModelWebsense 
April 2008 What to Ask When Evaluating Messaging Security SystemsSunbelt Software 
April 2008 The Impact of Messaging and Web ThreatsAlt-N Technologies, Barracuda Networks, Commtouch, McAfee,Mimecast, Reflexion Networks, St. Bernard Software, Sunbelt Software and Trend Micro 
January 2008Why Should You Archive Your Email With a Hosted Service?Sonian 
January 2008A Guide to Messaging ArchivingArcMail Technology, Google, LiveOffice, Mimecast, Mimosa Systems, Quest Software, Smarsh, St. Bernard Software, Sunbelt Software andWaterford Technologies 
October 2007Key Issues in Messaging MobilityUSA.NET 
September 2007Archiving Email for Compliance and Competitive AdvantageArcMail Technology 
September 2007 Reducing the Load on Email ServersArcMail Technology 
August 2007A Guide to Understanding Hosted and Managed Messaging 123Together, Apptix, Bizcom Web Services, Cobweb Solutions,Concentric, Global Relay, LiveOffice, MailRevive, Postini, Symantec, Trend Micro, USA.NET, USi and ZANTAZ 
July 2007Planning for Improved Email AvailabilityNeverfail 
June 2007Why You Should Be Thinking About ArchivingMX Logic 
June 2007 Solving .PST Management Problems in Microsoft Exchange EnvironmentsSherpa Software 
June 2007Solving Key Management Problems in Lotus Notes/Domino EnvironmentsSherpa Software 
June 2007Why Web 2.0 is Critical to Your BusinessSocialtext 
June 2007Emerging Trends in Fighting SpamSymantec 
June 2007The Benefits of Deploying Powerful Search CapabilitiesOpenfind 
May 2007Why Your Organization Needs to Focus on Outbound ContentBorderWare, CertifiedMail, DYS Analytics, Mimosa Systems,Mirapoint, Postini, Symantec and Workshare 
April 2007Why You Should Consider Using a Hosted Messaging ProviderUSi 
March 2007 The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, E-mail Discovery and YouLucid8 
February 2007 Why Organizations Need to Focus on Outbound SecurityReconnex 
January 2007The Advantages of Using Traffic-Shaping Techniques to Control SpamMailChannels
January 2007The Impact of the New FRCP Amendments on Your BusinessArcmail Technology, Apptix, Commvault, FaceTime, Fortiva,GFI, Hitachi Data Systems, Infocrossing, LiveOffice, Plasmon,Postini and Smarsh
October 2006ROI of Mass Notification3n 
October 2006Key Factors in Selecting a GroupWise Archiving SolutionMessaging Architects 
October 2006Why You Should Consider a Hosted Messaging Archiving SolutionMessageLabs 
September 2006Why You Should Consider a Hosted Messaging Archiving SolutionFortiva
September 2006Using Managed Services to Protect Your Business from Web-Based ThreatsScanSafe 
May 2006The Growing Need to Archive EmailWaLa Systems 
April 2006The New Realities of Email GovernanceSendmail 
January 2006How Small Business is Solving the Spam ProblemDigiPortal 
November 2005How Online Demonstrations Can Make Purchasing Software EasierCitrix 
October 2005The Advantage of an Appliance-Based File Transfer SystemAccellion 
September 2005Password Management Issues in Notes/Domino EnvironmentsPistolStar 
September 2005 Moving Beyond FTP for Large File TransfersAccellion 
July 2005Secure File Transfer as a Core Business ProcessAccellion 
July 2005The Need for a Better Way to Send Files and AttachmentsAccellion
May 2005The Impact of Sarbanes-Oxley on Data RetentionFrontBridge Technologies
May 2005Email Archiving Without SoftwareOsterman Research
May 2005The Value of Using the Right Collaboration TechnologySiteScape
May 2005Critical Success Factors for Deploying Real-Time CollaborationSiteScape
April 2005Addressing IT Compliance Challenges with Backup and Archiving TechnologiesVERITAS
March 2005Messaging in the Healthcare IndustryVircom
February 2005The Need for a New Paradigm in Managing Exchange EnvironmentsMimosa Systems
February 2005Critical Decision Factors for Messaging ManagementFrontBridge Technologies
October 2004The Advantages of Using a Managed Service Provider to Protect Your Messaging SystemMX Logic 
October 2004A Comparative Analysis of Leading Anti-Spam Solutions  
September 2004Managing IM and P2P Threats in the EnterpriseFaceTime 
August 2004Secure eMessaging: Analyzing the Total Cost of OwnershipZixCorp 
June 2004Toward More Efficient Document DeliveryAccellion 
March 2004The Role of Attachment Caching in E-Mail Server ConsolidationAccellion 
June 2003The Impact of Regulations on Email Archiving RequirementsIMR 
June 2003 How a Service Provider Can Eliminate Spam in the EnterpriseFrontBridge Technologies
April 2003 Current Email and Archiving Practices in the EnterpriseLegato
April 2003 Messaging Cost of Ownership in Service Provider EnvironmentsRockliffe 
September 2002 Case Study: Arthritis FoundationUSinternetworking 
March 2002 Case Study: WorldcomSun Microsystems