The Role of AI in Email Security – white paper

Explores the changing threat landscape around email as cybercriminals leverage AI to enhance attacks – and how vendors and organizations are responding to safeguard and improve email security. Sponsored by Abnormal Security, IRONSCALES, KnowBe4, Mimecast, Perception Point, SlashNext, and SonicWall.

New Methods for Solving Phishing, Business Email Compromise, Account Takeovers and Other Security Threats – White Paper

The network in most organizations has a dramatically expanded attack surface. There is no longer a defensible perimeter that can fully protect corporate data, and so new approaches, technologies and practices are needed to protect corporate data and finances. Sponsored by Agari, Carbon Black, GoSecure, KnowBe4, MDaemon, Proofpoint, SlashNext, Trend Micro, Trustwave and Zix